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There has to be something better ...

This thought ran through my mind as I watched my son's soccer team endure another dull team photo session. Of course, we paid, as we do every sports season, for the team pic and the individual shot.

What we received was the same boring photos we've been displaying on our mantle. The same style of photo my parents bought when I played youth sports. The same my grandparents bought when my parents were kids.

No more.

I've been a wedding and portrait photographer for five years, trained on creative lighting and composition, and I decided to try something. I took my 6-year-old son and his friend to a grass field near our neighborhood, packed the studio lights, and took some creative portraits at sunset.

That's when it became clear. Parents don't have to settle for paying for boring photography any more. 

They can have creative sports portraits, the kind with a "wow" factor, that look breathtaking when printed out, framed, and put on display at your house or office.

I created North Arch Sports Photography to provide high-end, creative portraits for athletes ages six to college. I utilize creative lighting, composition, and a fun experience to provide clients with images they'll love and value.

  • Lauren Dague | Hempfield
  • Youth Soccer Portraits
  • Youth Soccer Portraits
  • Autumn Rhoads
  • Lauren Dague | Hempfield
  • Autumn Rhoads

North Arch Sports Photography offers portrait packages for single seasons, multiple seasons, siblings, and teams.

Each portrait shoot can take place any time during the morning, afternoon, or evening. The sessions last an hour, and they involve professional image making equipment and lighting.

When complete, clients receive a password-protected gallery and options for prints and digital downloads.

If you're interesting in signing up or to hear more, please contact me at 717-669-2026 or